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A business letter is a type of letter which is written for one group or company or organization from the other group or company or organization or it is written between the two customers or organization.

Format of a Business Letter

Format of a Business Letter

A style of writing a business letter depends on the needs or requirement as well as the relationship between the two parties or company. It may have various types of contents like in some business letter it may contain the direction information for another party and in some of the business letter, it may contain about the order that is supplied from the suppliers, apologizing for the wrong things, the reply of any request etc. If you are living in the professional world then there may be many chances come when you will need to write the professional letter like if you want to apply for the new job or want to send some thank you note or sending any farewell noted in which you really need to write business letter which requires appropriate formats.

A business letter is one of the very important processes because it is an evidence of your deals or any terms in your business which is really very important than any other forms of the communication.

How to write Business letter

How to write Business letter

When you asked to write the business letter then some of the questions must arise that how to write a business a letter and what are the things that need to add in the business letter as you know it is a type of document with a definite set of the structure. Here we are going to tell you about the actual formats of writing the business letter which is consisting of the things like contact information, proper salutation, and brief body ending with the signature. Do you know in the formal letter there is the rule for every step from your margin to font size, Always try to keep the body of letter simple and brief so that others can understand what you want to say, So, now we are going to discuss the two formats of the letter that is general formats and the second one is indentation formats.

Business Letter Heading

First of all, let’s discuss the first formats of the business letter:


As we have said earlier that there is the rule for everything whatever included in the letter so, the margin of the top, bottom and side must be 1 to 1/4 inches and the letter must be cantered vertically.

Font formatting

In the letter avoid any special character or any of the font formatting except in the subject of the letter as the subject of any letter is usually underlined.


If you are writing the letter in British style then use the comma after the salutation and if you are writing in style of United States then use colon but the closing must be followed by the comma.

Examples of Business Letter Formats

Sender’s organization name

Address of the sender

The contact information of the sender

Email addresses of the sender if any


The prefix of the recipient

Company of the recipient

Address of the recipient

Dear (prefix of the recipient)



Body (content)

Body (content)

Closing with ideal complementary * sincerely, regards etc.*


Signature of the sender

So above is the Business Letter Example through which you can write your own business letter perfectly. In any business, there are one indentation formats out of six which is standard, open, semi-block, block, modified block and modified semi-block. Let’s know about these indentation formats


In the standard format of the letter, there is the use of colon just after the salutation and there is the use of comma just after the complimentary closing.


In the open formats of the business letter, there is no any punctuation is used on both salutation and complimentary closing.


In the business block letter formats, there is  no any paragraph is indented and all the content should be left aligned.

Modified block

In the modified block formats the address and other information are must begin at the center point and other things must be left aligned in which paragraph is not indented.


Semi-block is the formats of the letter which is same as the modified block formats but there is only one difference that is every first line of the paragraph of the letter should not be indented.

Modified semi blocked

In this formats the entire paragraph is indented and the text of the paragraph must be left aligned and all the info like contacts details, name address must be indented on the same position of the letter.

Business Cover Letter

Business Cover Letter

You can use any of the above formats to write your business formats, however, there is no any clear cut of the block formats of the letter so, if you want to select one of the easiest formats then block formats may be one the easier formats. You will find the examples of the business letter formats through which you can write effective and impressive business letter.

Business letter template

If you are searching the business letter sample or formal business letter formats then you can see the below:

Senders contact information: write the sender’s contact information in these orders

Sender’s name

Address of the senders

City, state and zip code of the senders

Phone and email of the senders

Business Cover Letter

Date: date must be written in the United States formats that are month date year and avoid using the abbreviation of any month, for example, December 31, 2017

Contact information: include the contact information of the recipient in the following order





City, zip code


In a business letter salutation, Start the letter with the proper salutation like dear Mr Ram or you can use the title after the salutation dear like dear Mr Singh or you can use the word “sir”.

Subject line in business letter should impressive as it tell about the actual reason of the writing of the business letter.

Business Cover Letter

Parts of a Business Letter

The body is the part of business letter which is usually simple and the purpose must be clear.

In the first paragraph of the letter, the content must be about the reason behind the writing of the letter and in the next paragraph write the information or the request in details. You should leave some space between the two paragraphs.

Complimentary closing : in a business letter the closing should be perfect with with perfect compliment.



So, above is the sample business letter or the formal formats of the business letter which help you lots while writing the business letter.

Proper Business Letter Format



To write any employment letter the template is very helpful as it helps to write perfect letter. Microsoft word letter template is available for all those business cover letters, resignation letter or interview letter as well as the reference letter.

How to Address a Business Letter

Addressing the professional business letter in block style templates

Business letter is one of the professional letter and you can write your letter in any of the formal formals but in the business letter there is most easy formats known as block style formats because there is no any clear-cut rule for writing the professional letter in block style so, people prefer to use in block style. You can check out the templates which are given in the sites which will help you to write the professional business letter in block style.

How to sign in personal, apology, reference and business cover letter

Business Congratulation letter

if you have written any of the business letter then you need to put the signature after the complementary section of the any business letter, there is two types of the business letter signature one is hand written singnature and second is the digital signature so if you are  writing the hand written letter then you can put your sign after the complementary section fro your hand and if you have written a letter through email then you can put digital signature in your email business letter.

Business letter examples for students with enclosure, heading, bloked style, signature

If you are a student and you need to write a business letter then you no need to worry as here you will get the proper formats of the business letter how to begin a business letter, how to end the letter with enclosure after the signature and the different blocked style of the letter. Every step of the letter is important as you one mistake can leave your impression towards the person whom you are writing. The language of the writing of the letter should be professional and simple. The enclosure of any letter is put at the last of the letter i.e just after the signature of any business letter.

Sample Business introduction letter to the new client or prospective client

Business introduction letter is the type of business letter which is written for those clients which have just joined to our company in which there is consisting of the extra information like contact details,  offers benefits of the company with the commitment of the good customer service. Business introduction letter is very important to write it in a very professional and simple language with the impressive way which engaging their interest towards the company.

Business invitation letter for us visa

Business invitation letter for the visa is types of the formal business letter which written by the company or any organization for those employees whom the company wants to invite for the business proposal on that country where they do not live. The visiting can be done for the purpose of conference, seminar or meeting. So, if you want to invite your client in any of the business reason in the US then you can write the invitation letter for US visa in the formal formats where all the details and the information must be included.

Bad newsletter in Business Communication

Many times it happens in business that you can not avoid writing the negative things or bad news in the  letter so while writing the letter maintain your relationship so write it in a impressive way, if you are going to write the bad news in the letter then you should avoid any relationship in the letter and while writing you should imagine your self as reader so that you can write perfect letter with the best explanation with positive opening which will maintain the goodwill. The letter is consisting appropriate reason and clear report of the bad news and its last paragraph, if you can give the solution with good, will then don’t leave it.

Professional Business Letter Format

Professional Business Letter Format

Standard Business Letter Format

Standard Business Letter Format

Business Style Letter

Business Style Letter


Business Block Letter Format

Business Block Letter Format



Business Letter format with Letterhead

business letter format with letterhead

Business Letter Format Spacing

Business Letter Format Spacing

Business Letter Enclosure

Business Letter Enclosure

Word Business Letter Template

Word Business Letter Template

Business Apology Letter

Business Apology Letter

Business Letter Greeting

Business Letter Greeting

Business Letter Salutation

Business Letter Salutation


Letter of Intent to Purchase Business

Letter of Intent to Purchase Business

What advantages does a business letter have an email?

The business letter has over an email because email consumes lots of time to write and send as it is slower as less effective than the business letter as many companies are there who did not accept any complaints through email as they just follow the formal letter and respond only those letters. So, it better that visits the company or organization rather than write a mail to the company.

How to Write a Business Letter

The business letter site which will tell you different ways and important tips to writing an effective business letter. In this site, you will find many important guidelines through which you can write the error-free business letter for the organization or client or company.